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    Welcome to Newt's New York! Our story is set ninety years ago, shortly after the events of the first "Fantastic Beasts" movie. War is coming, and it will affect everybody in the city. Maybe the magical New Yorkers will be able to end it!


    Skin coded by Liz. Harry Potter and all related materials created by J.K. Rowling.

    - Dec. 1, 2017: Calling all Grindelwald followers! The third message has been delivered! Oh, and Ilvermorny students might want to arrange dates for the Yule Ball, since Americans love their dances.

    - Nov. 1, 2017: The Samhain dance party is going on at Ilvermorny! Also, make sure to check out the page header for November's OTM results.

    - Oct. 14, 2017: New membergroup available! Get info about the Squib Army here

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    - Oct. 1, 2017: October OTM Awards are up! click here

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    Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
    No New Posts Your First Stop
    Come here first to get a feel for how the site works and whether it's right for you.
    4 0 Nov 10 2017, 05:42 PM
    In: Sort My OOC Account!
    By: Liz
    No New Posts Announcements
    Here's where we'll make announcements about any changes or events.
    11 20 Dec 11 2017, 02:16 AM
    By: Liz
    No New Posts Canon Encyclopedia
    There are a lot of details to remember! Luckily, we'll be keeping track of them in here.
    Subforums: Rowling's Canon, Site-Specific Canon, Historical Context

    14 2 Oct 14 2017, 04:57 AM
    In: Plot Calendar
    By: Liz
    No New Posts Application Central
    Here's where you'll find the application code and then post your character for review.
    Subforums: Character Creation and Application, WIP Apps, Pending Apps, Completed Apps

    21 2 Yesterday at 11:10 pm
    In: Divine, Delphine
    By: Liz
    No New Posts Claims
    Your claims are only official if you post them on these lists, and no one else is going to do it for you.
    7 13 Yesterday at 11:36 pm
    In: Other Occupations
    By: poof
    No New Posts Codes 'N Such
    Come here to find information about site templates and BBCodes. This forum is definitely a work in progress!
    9 18 Dec 5 2017, 05:50 AM
    In: Custom BBCodes
    By: Liz

    Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
    No New Posts Accepted Applications
    All accepted applications will be compiled here.
    Subforums: MACUSA, Magical Citizen, O'Brien Mob, Grindelwald Follower, Ilvermorny, No-Maj, Squib Army, Inactive Characters

    178 181 Yesterday at 11:29 pm
    In: Doran, Connor
    By: Liz
    No New Posts Plotting
    Create your individual plotter here and browse other writers' so that you can post and plot.
    Subforums: Inactive Plotters, Specific RP Requests

    19 67 Today at 01:42 am
    By: skarda
    No New Posts Want Ads
    Request a specific character here, or browse through the existing ads. Guests can post here!
    Subforums: Family Members, Romantic Interests, Platonic Connections, Mixed/Other, Ad Archive

    29 20 Dec 11 2017, 02:32 PM
    In: Brother Seeking Lost Sister
    By: Liz
    No New Posts Individual Development Forums
    Request a forum for yourself and use it to post all kinds of development threads.
    Subforums: Ships, Avery, Callie, Kirby-Liane, Liz, Poof

    74 36 Dec 6 2017, 02:29 AM
    In: Posterbation Stories
    By: Liz
    No New Posts Journals and Musings
    Here's where you can keep your characters' journals or keepsakes, or where you can put up one-shots or posterbation threads. This forum will add to your post count, so IC only, please!
    6 3 Nov 9 2017, 12:54 AM
    In: Picture This:
    By: Gavin Walsh
    No New Posts Moderation
    Come here to request staff help with moving threads or modifying characters.
    4 1 Yesterday at 01:29 am
    In: Thread Moderation
    By: Callie

    Collapse   New York
    Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
    No New Posts Magical Manhattan
    Manhattan is home to most of New York's wizarding neighborhoods.
    Subforums: Meander Lane, Aetern Alley, Tenement Housing, Apartments, Expensive Housing, The Underworld, St. Ignatius' Wizarding Hospital

    100 1599 15 seconds ago
    In: Again?
    By: Lucas Longbottom
    No New Posts No-Maj Manhattan
    Though MACUSA demands that the populations do not fraternize, magical Manhattan lies just beneath the surface of the No-Maj world.
    22 299 Yesterday at 10:44 pm
    In: Hangovers and Real Talk
    By: Caoimhe Murdock
    No New Posts Other Boroughs
    Though most of New York's wizarding world is in Manhattan, people will find plenty of reasons to venture into other boroughs of the city.
    15 407 Yesterday at 07:04 pm
    In: Whatever You Want
    By: Giovanni Durante
    No New Posts Wanderlust
    Nobody's exactly sure where it is, but it's a hidden all-wizarding town that can be accessed via wizard subway, Floo, or Apparition.
    7 87 Dec 12 2017, 05:26 PM
    In: Popping In
    By: Killian Boyle
    No New Posts New York State
    It can be easy to forget that New York is a whole state, and not just one enormous city.
    Subforums: Carzereem Wizarding Prison

    8 44 Yesterday at 01:00 am
    In: Alone, and under duress.
    By: Lucien Holt

    Collapse   MACUSA
    Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
    No New Posts The Basement

    Subforums: Wand Permit Office, Typing Pool, Holding Cells, Death Cell

    1 22 Oct 21 2017, 10:56 PM
    In: [complete] Doing the Time
    By: Liz
    No New Posts Ground Level
    Entrance and Atrium
    3 25 Dec 12 2017, 02:43 PM
    In: "Embrace the past and you c...
    By: Justina Ferris
    No New Posts Level 25
    Department of Administration
    0 0 --
    In: ----
    No New Posts Level 50
    Magical Cleaning Department
    0 0 --
    In: ----
    No New Posts Level 101
    Wizarding Resources Department
    0 0 --
    In: ----
    No New Posts Level 150
    Body for the Protection of Magical Species
    0 0 --
    In: ----
    No New Posts Level 200

    Subforums: Young Wizards' Daycare Center, The Great Meeting Chamber

    0 0 --
    In: ----
    No New Posts Level 225
    Department of Magical Law Enforcement
    Subforums: Department of Aurors

    6 116 Dec 12 2017, 09:31 AM
    In: Danger is lying in wait for...
    By: Killian Boyle
    No New Posts Level 250
    Department for Magical Security
    Subforums: Mid-Atlantic Auror Division, Federal Bureau of Covert Vigilance and No-Maj Obliviation, Department of No-Maj Misinformation, MACUSA Surveillance Wizarding Resources Department

    3 90 Dec 8 2017, 02:14 PM
    In: This Is Where I Belong
    By: Azriel Rousseau
    No New Posts Level 301
    Major Investigation Department
    Subforums: Department of Unidentifiable Magical Objects

    6 74 Dec 12 2017, 07:52 PM
    In: Catching Up
    By: Lucas Longbottom
    No New Posts The Highest Level
    The Pentagram Office
    0 0 --
    In: ----

    Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
    No New Posts Dining Hall

    5 36 Dec 6 2017, 02:34 AM
    In: [complete] FEAST: Back Again!
    By: Liz
    No New Posts Auditorium

    0 0 --
    In: ----
    No New Posts Library

    2 6 9 minutes ago
    In: Help Me Eleanor, You're...
    By: Arthur Thorne
    No New Posts Classrooms

    4 23 Dec 12 2017, 08:54 AM
    In: Vera Is a Dreamer
    By: Brielle Mathers
    No New Posts Hospital Wing

    1 3 Dec 12 2017, 09:06 AM
    In: Everybody does stupid things.
    By: Janette O'Brien
    No New Posts Corridors

    2 17 Dec 12 2017, 12:24 AM
    In: Partnership
    By: Aedan O'Brien
    No New Posts Horned Serpent Dorms

    0 0 --
    In: ----
    No New Posts Pukwudgie Dorms

    1 0 Nov 20 2017, 08:36 PM
    In: Study Budies (With Cuddles)
    By: Vyacheslav Szczęsny
    No New Posts Thunderbird Dorms

    0 0 --
    In: ----
    No New Posts Wampus Dorms

    0 0 --
    In: ----
    No New Posts Professor Housing

    1 10 Sep 29 2017, 10:48 AM
    In: New Beginnings
    By: Maureen Reed
    No New Posts Head of School's Office

    0 0 --
    In: ----
    No New Posts The Grounds

    6 40 Yesterday at 01:39 am
    In: Petty Torments
    By: Brady Banks
    No New Posts Greylock Lake

    1 7 Dec 8 2017, 02:07 PM
    In: gray clouds and ashes
    By: Arvin Ocampo
    No New Posts Quodpot Pitch

    1 17 Dec 2 2017, 07:18 PM
    In: I don't think I care wh...
    By: Vinayak Jain

    Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
    No New Posts England

    Subforums: London

    0 0 --
    In: ----
    No New Posts Other European Countries

    0 0 --
    In: ----
    No New Posts North America

    3 32 Yesterday at 01:49 am
    In: The Perfect Moment
    By: Néall O'Heaghra
    No New Posts Everywhere Else

    7 81 Dec 11 2017, 08:19 AM
    In: A Bloody Mutiny
    By: Noelene Thatch

    Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
    No New Posts Owls
    Magic sure does solve a lot of problems. Owls can travel far more quickly than No-Maj mail.
    11 50 Dec 12 2017, 02:34 AM
    In: What.
    By: Viggo Nystrom
    No New Posts No-Maj Mail
    If you're trying to talk to someone across the ocean and it's at all urgent, go for a telegram.
    0 0 --
    In: ----
    No New Posts Transcontinental Phone Calls
    This only works overland; the scientists just managed a transatlantic call for the very first time in January, 1927.
    0 0 --
    In: ----
    No New Posts Other Methods
    A telegram can get your message across the ocean, but you'll probably want to pay close attention to the distances you attempt to span via Floo communication.
    1 4 Nov 26 2017, 02:27 PM
    In: In The Past - Telegram
    By: Rasmus Nystrom

    Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
    No New Posts The Past
    Write about your character's past experiences here.
    52 865 Today at 01:08 pm
    In: Christmas with the Michaela...
    By: Jolena Michaelakis
    No New Posts The Future
    Write about your character's possible future(s) here.
    15 623 33 minutes ago
    In: You Deserve This Night
    By: Haylee Mantell
    No New Posts What Could Have Been (AU)
    Go ahead, be evil. Put your character in horrible situations with no lasting repercussions.
    3 76 Dec 6 2017, 04:38 PM
    In: Oh Boy [M]
    By: Giovanni Durante

    Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
    No New Posts Introductions
    Introduce yourself to the other writers here!
    2 5 Dec 11 2017, 11:37 PM
    In: Oh Hey, I Didn't See Yo...
    By: Liz
    No New Posts Inactivity Notices
    Post here if you're going to be particularly inactive for some period of time. This will ensure that other players don't assume you've disappeared and ditch your threads.
    8 8 Dec 11 2017, 11:41 PM
    In: Slowatus aka Life Suck LOL
    By: Liz
    No New Posts Games and Randomness
    This is exactly what it sounds like.
    13 114 Dec 12 2017, 01:49 AM
    In: [complete] NaNoWriMo Challe...
    By: Liz

    Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
    No New Posts First Link

    17 0 Today at 09:03 am
    In: Heroes Reborn
    By: Jinx
    No New Posts Link Back

    14 0 Nov 27 2017, 07:45 PM
    In: the beginning of the end
    By: katie potter
    No New Posts Accepted and Linked Back

    144 0 Dec 1 2017, 02:24 AM
    In: Seito Institute
    By: Kaito

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