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 Max's Birthday Bash, Jack, Noelle, Open
Noelle O'Brien
 Posted on: May 17 2018, 12:42 PM
Noelle - 19 posts - 11 - 4'4" - Pureblood
Daddy's Girl
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user posted image ”Daddy and Alex helped me get ready!” Noelle told Savannah with a little twist to show how how flowy her dress was. She stopped as soon as Savannah asked to be introduced to Max and nodded, taking her hand to lead her over to the kitchen. ”Max, have you met my.. um-“ she began but stopped with a puzzled look when she didn’t know what to call her. ”Cousin?” He word was drawn out and said more like a question since she figured Savannah would probably know- or maybe Keegan, but she didn’t know him that well.

Néall became curious about the commotion in the kitchen and after a short conversation with Alex, tilted his head in that direction with raised eyebrows that nonverbally asked “want to go check it out?”

Meanwhile, Keegan was holding a smile as Max sort of apologized to him, knowing that the two of them still had a bit to go before they could be friends- or whatever they’d be. He quickly realized that the little bugger was like a smaller, younger version of Jack and if he could get that beautiful pain in the ass (said with love of course) on his side then Max would come along eventually.

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Xavier Stasey
 Posted on: May 17 2018, 01:32 PM
Max - 37 posts - 11 - 4'7" - Halfblood
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Max shook his head at Noelle. "No, I haven't met her." He grabbed a gift bag from the table and held it out in offering to the woman.

"I'm Max. Pleased to meet you. Thank you for coming to my birthday party."

Now that Max thought about it, he hadn't met much of Keegan's family. Sure, he'd been at Noelle's house for a while, but all her siblings had been at school. Max idly wondered whether he'd see any of them at Ilvermorny if he got to go, and whether he and Noelle would be in the same house, and whether he would get to learn how to turn brussels sprouts into peaches. But he was supposed to be hosting, not daydreaming about school. "Have you met my big sister, Jack?" Max asked Noelle's cousin. Yes, introductions were always a good idea. Very host-ish.

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