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 A Very Merry Day
Jackson Reed
 Posted on: Jan 19 2018, 01:31 AM
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Merlin himself Would be lost... The apartment was spotless, the table set, and dinner prepped, he had spent the better part of the day, and the previous night, prepping for tonight. All the classwork he had was finished and graded, his lesson plan complete, he was hers for the foreseeable future. He had spared no expense on the dinner, even going so far as to ask Finley for help. When his best friend found out why Jackson needed the help he was more than willing to help. The only person Maureen had more tightly wrapped around her finger than Jackson was her brother Fin. As he finished Jackson looked around, the dining room in their apartment was decorated, flowers, a few signs made by Jackson, and candlelight for the event. On the table, roasted pheasant, artichoke that he had roasted, something Fin had gotten for him, learning to cook them had taken a few tries for Jackson, but as they say. Third times a charm. On a table to the side, a pair of bottles of wine, a gift from France, and judging by the dust that had fallen off them when Fin produced them they had been in storage for quite some time.

Jackson checked his watch and froze, it would almost be time for Maureen to be back, and he wasn't ready. The nice suit he had been planning o wearing was still in their room, and he was only wearing an old pair of trousers, and a simple undershirt. H heard the door opening and knew it was too late, as Maureen walked in, he turned, and smiled, or tried to after realizing his failure, "Happy Birthday, Darling!"
Maureen Reed
 Posted on: Apr 26 2018, 05:26 PM
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The first birthday user posted image

She could smell it through the door, and it warmed her from the inside out. She'd known that Jackson would do something for her birthday, and she'd been right. She'd always been right about him. How wonderful he was. How he loved her.

She loved him for loving her. For more than that, of course, but, oh, how his regard made it all so much better. She'd fallen for him when she was fifteen years old. Life with him was perfect.

And he looked as delicious as dinner smelled, standing there that way in his undershirt, arms bare in the candlelight. Maureen beamed. How could she not?

"It smells incredible!" she exclaimed, bouncing toward him and wrapping her arms around his middle as she pressed her face against his neck.

Maureen Reed
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