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 Triantáfyllo, Andorra, O'Brien Mob
Andorra Triantáfyllo
 Posted on: Jan 13 2018, 04:11 AM
Andorra - 1 posts - 30 - 5'6" - Halfblood
Φιλάω τον ουρανό
Ship's Captain & Smuggler
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Andorra Triantáfyllo

30 | O’Brien Mob | Tonia Sotiropoulou

Basic Information
Andorra Melina Triantáfyllo

November 24, 1897




12.75” - Dogwood - Dragon Heartstring - Rigid

Κάστρο Μυστικόν - Ερμής - 1909-1913 (did not graduate)

O’Brien Mob

Ship’s Captain & Smuggler

Personal History
From where you are

Θήρα. The most perfect of all the Greek isles. At least, Andorra thought so, because it was hers and her father always told her, "Είναι το καλύτερο." As a young child, Andorra ran around in the sunshine, climbing on the ancient ruins and bathing in the waters along the curve of the shoreline as she traded volcano stories with the other children. Whenever her father was home, she helped him perform maintenance on the "fishing boat," and he regaled her with stories of the sea as he passed on the crucial knowledge that would change her life so profoundly.

You see the smoke start to arise where they play cards

It was the summer after her fourth year of school when her mother fell ill. It was some sort of wasting disease, something that even the magical Healers on the island didn't know how to deal with. Instead of returning to school at the end of the summer, Andorra spent the next year nursing her mother on her deathbed. When her father came to port shortly after Andorra's seventeenth birthday, he found that his wife had recently died.

And you walk over, softly moving past the guards

What was there to do other than take his daughter to sea with him? At first, Andorra became Andreas. They cut off her hair, dressed her as a boy, and didn't mention anything to the other men on the ship. That worked for a year or two, and she climbed the ranks. When your father is the captain of the ship and you've learned from him your entire life, it's easy to gain more and more responsibility. That came with respect, but also envy.

The stakes are getting higher, you can feel it in your heart

Her hormones eventually got the best of her. After being caught in a dalliance with a young man on the ship, Andorra's secret came to light, and the revelation nearly caused full-on mutiny. Her father and a few of his most loyal men advocated for her, and Andorra fought whenever she needed to. Men who attacked her were thrown overboard. Eventually the others started to get used to it. She was there to stay.

He calls your bluff

Unfortunately, when Andorra was twenty-six, her father died. She was quite obviously next in line to become captain-- nepotism be damned-- but, of course, there were some who did not support her in that position. Mutiny was the natural next step. She'd expected it from the start. It was an official duel for the position. It started off magical and became physical after the loss of wands. In the end, Andorra was badly injured, but she emerged the victor.

He is the ace you never thought he played that much

Their crew took a serious hit as they got rid of the mutineers, so it became necessary to stop in at the nearest port for repairs and recruitment. The nearest port happened to be New York, and through a random but convenient series of events, Andorra fell in with the O'Briens. Conall Gallagher, though young at the time, was the one who truly figured out that she was something special: an indomitable ship's captain, a clever smuggler, and a fiercely loyal teammate. He managed to convince Cormac to bring her on.

And now it's more than all his cards you want to touch

Ever since, she's been captaining her ship, smuggling goods beneath the radar of law enforcement and the Thatches, and helping the O'Briens maintain their small foothold in maritime trade. It's a dangerous world to be in, but of course she doesn't mind. Nobody can take Andorra down, and even if they someday manage to, she'll go down fighting.

You never know if winning this could really be enough

Trigger Details and Limits
I have essentially no limits or boundaries in terms of what I will RP, but I don't appreciate being surprised by horrible things. Some element of surprise is awesome, but at least give me a clue as to what you're planning and get the OK before you go hitting me with crazy wild stuff. Also, never feel like you will annoy me by asking questions!

Liz | Mountain | She


If I resist temptation, oh I know for sure that I will lose the bet.
Andorra's App - Tracker - Plotter
 Posted on: Feb 20 2018, 12:16 PM
Stef - 182 posts - 26 - 5'8" - Immortal
Fantasy Realm of Fantastical Beasts
Writer of Greatness
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Welcome, Andorra Triantafyllo! You're approved and ready to start playing at Newt's New York! First you should hit up the Claims Forum, but where you go after that is entirely up to you!

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