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 Nothing wrong with seeking knowledge... right?, Ben
Randolph Graves
 Posted on: Jan 15 2018, 08:26 PM
Randy - 67 posts - 17 - 5'8" - Halfblood
Part-Veela & Legilimens
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just because it says "forbidden" doesn't mean... user posted image

The more he thought about it, the less fair it all seemed. People were always acting like Randy didn't have the right to know all the information about his own mental health. But he had questions! For example, what was going to happen to him in the future? Would stressful things down the road plunge him right back into that derealization bullshit? Would he always need the potions? Was there always going to be a part of his brain that sometimes just didn't recognize his loved ones' faces? Now that something in there had broken, would it be broken forever?

The worst part was feeling like he'd gotten better and not knowing if it was supposed to come back. He needed to protect his head. He needed to keep other people's thoughts out of it, and he needed to ensure that... well, at least that if it all went to hell again, it wouldn't be as bad as the first time.

And he was sick of having his mom and his doctors go really quiet when he walked into the room. He could get his own information, damn it! And that was why he was out of bed in the dead of night, attempting to break into the forbidden sections of the library despite having literally no clue how to go about it. But picking locks definitely worked in No-Maj movies, so... why not? He'd pretended to pick a lock in a play once...


OOC: For some context, I essentially gave this kid post-traumatic BPD because I'm just that nice of a person. But I also taught him DBT shit so LOOK I REALLY AM NICE. #MakingMarshaProud

Randy Graves
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Benjamin Blackwood
 Posted on: Jan 22 2018, 12:10 AM
Ben Blackwood - 5 posts - 50 - 6'0" - No-Maj Born
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come to a library, know how to READ user posted image

Soldiers moving about frantically while the sounds of a dying sea vessel could be heard throughout the village. A mother was crying as her sons were being drafted into a conflict they were likely to not return from. Refugees from France came flooding in as the sounds of planes flew overhead. Everyone flinched as they heard the planes whiz by, as they feared that it might be German pilots. Benjamin shot up, a cold sweat covering his face. He was awoken by the sound of his protective charms being activated. Someone was in the library when they weren't supposed to be. Ben was already in a bad mood as a result of his nightmares, whoever this was, was going to deal with him personally.

Benjamin had set up an enchantment on his closet door that allowed it to double as a back entrance to the library. This allowed for easy transportation to the other side of the campus, but in this instance served as a excellent source of surprise for the late-night intruder. As he stepped through the doorway, wand in hand, he could hear the sounds of someone fumbling with a lock. It seems someone was trying to enter the Forbidden section of the library. Whoever this was they were tallying a lot of negative points in Ben's book of "Irritating Individuals".

Whoever this was they must have been new, or seriously believed they were above reproach. The only people allowed in the Forbidden section unsupervised, were himself and the headmaster. Ben took pride in the upkeep of the secretive section of the library, as many of the tomes held within were books he actively procured through his travels. He turned the corner, and was somewhat unsurprised by who he found squatting next to a magical lock, trying the pick the lock as if he was a radio show secret agent. "The library hours still apply to someone of your status, Mr. Graves."

Ben had heard the whisperings of students and faculty about Randolph Graves. He held some kind of celebrity in the American wizarding world, but none of that meant anything to him. In school, everyone was held to the same standards by Ben, regardless of who they were outside of these walls. Of course, his encounters with Randy were few and far in between, the child struck him as someone who was used to getting his way. He had noticed a change in his demeanor over the years however, but it had never been his place to say anything.

Still, here was a student trying to break into the school's private, forbidden collection for God knows what reason, and Ben was livid. "If you value your place in this academy, I would highly suggest going back to your room and apologizing profusely to your prefect for eliciting the ire of the head librarian." He could feel his veins throbbing at his temples. It took everything in his power to not lose it with this child. Deep down, he could sense something was wrong, however. He had a reason for risking the wrath of Benjamin Blackwood, but


OOC: Ben has PTSD, survivor's guilt, avoidant personality disorder, and clinical bibliomania. You are definitely the nicest.

Books may well be the only true magic
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