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 [Bad] Tidings We Bring, To You and Your Kin, Stef and Callie!
Lewis Thorne
 Posted on: Dec 28 2017, 12:52 AM
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the holidays kinda suck Lewis Thorne's parents were disappointed, but that was hardly unusual. The strange thing was that, for once, they weren't disappointed in him. Not solely, anyway. They had invited the Burkes and the Yorks to a sort of holiday-themed dinner, demanding that their sons showed up as well. And frankly, he could have ducked out without any real repercussions. But it was just so fun to mess with them, wasn't it? So he couldn't resist.

As it were, the Burkes couldn't make it. If they had, the party would've been much bigger, and in that way, much safer for each of the Thorne boys. But, alas. They were stuck with Temperance and her parents, who were nice enough, but who Lewis suspected would not get along as well with his parents as they perhaps hoped.

So when the knock sounded at the door, and Lewis's mother gave him a pointed look, he decided to pretend he was going to play their game until it no longer suited him. So he moved to open it himself, offering a smile that was honestly more of a smirk in disguise. "Hello," he offered, first to Temperance's parents and then again to the young lady herself. "Come on in." And then he stepped out of the way of her parents, who were already being approached by his own, and offered the blonde his arm. "Shall we?"

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Temperance York
 Posted on: Dec 28 2017, 01:10 AM
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Lovely Dinner, I think user posted image Temperance was very used to being apart of whatever her parents were doing. After all they led her everywhere since her father didn't really want her working on her own. He wanted her in his shop so she could help him with whatever came to mind. So here she was dressed up for the night, at the Thorne household when the door opened and she saw Lewis. She had met him multiple times over the years, and she honestly didn't miss the look her mother shared with his, but she was not one to think about those things.

"Hello" She greeted him with a bright smile as she stepped into the house after her parents, and glanced at him once his arm was offered, reaching out to lightly drape her arm through his. "Of course, just another dinner.. where I am really hoping there's better conversation then clothes like last time" Speaking the last part low enough for only him to hear since she would have been probably reprimanded for being rude she gave him a smile. Even if she wasn't sure of intentions around her, she would always smile and be kind.

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