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 The Sea Speaks, Lana/Noel
Noelene Thatch
 Posted on: May 6 2018, 08:14 PM
Noel - 50 posts - 22 - - Pureblood
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user posted image The days were long and hard working on a pirate ship, especially one that was as big as The Forstyrret. It was a ship that was big enough for two captains and two first mates. Nic and Noel worked in tandem together, one picking up where the other left off, and the only thing that separated them was the pure anger, hate, and rage that was fueled in Noel's veins. Unlike her brother she was unforgiving, and unwilling to suffer fools. However, unlike most people thought she did have restraint, and the mind of a leader. Her people, despite knowing she did not accept mistakes, knew that she would kill and protect them at all costs even her own life if necessary.

Which is how her ship was now sailing away from an island where buildings were on fire, and she had two men on her deck bleeding. Moving from the helm of the ship she walked down to the main deck looking at her two deckhands. "I have told you time and time again, don't disrespect a man's woman. You don't listen" Her voice was calm, her face and clothes covered in blood from the fight on shore. The two men had tried to grab at two women and their husbands had friends. It led to Noel on shore fighting hand to hand with the men while her two deckhands bled off to the side. No one hurt her men, even if her men were in the wrong.

Motioning for the men to be taken below deck and treated she turned to look at the others on the deck. "Show's over men.. get your asses on the sails and let's get out of here!" With the grunting agreement's and the footsteps walking away from the scene she grabbed one of the men and motioned to the blood. "I want that cleaned up. My ship deck will not be stained with blood" Making a motion that she would be watching him she turned and pointed Alexi up to the helm so that he could steer the ship. She needed to clean herself up already.

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Lana Thatcher
 Posted on: May 6 2018, 08:43 PM
- 1 posts - 20 - 5'5 - Pureblood
Thatch Trading Company
First Mate to Captain Noel
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user posted image

Lana's thick boots moved with a bit of a swagger as her wand twirled in her hand. Pausing next to her cousin she brought it to her lips running her tongue along the length, collecting the blood of her latest victims as she went to take in the burning buildings that were on the horizon. "Now that captain, is a sunset. Nothing like the wails of the pillaged and plundered. We should have stayed longer, could of had a bit more fun." She looked down to a pouch that was filled with teeth, it was getting rather full.

The men of the ship generally gave her a wide birth, and regarded her as the Captains' whip. Crossing her might cost a life or two with the only saving grace being another Thatcher, the only people she showed any respect to aside from Grindel. One thing they wouldn't escape was the pain though. She could be quite creative in regards to torture.

A dark laugh emitted from her as she watched the deck hands scramble to work, "Roast the nuts and they won't be such gluts." She said to Noel as her gaze went to look over her wand making sure it was clean of crimson. She then ran it along her shirt and tucked it back into it's holster, "But then again where would be the fun if the idiots were all gone?"

Her gaze moved to those who were grabbing scrub brushes with contempt, "Fear is worth savoring you know, ship could use a bit of color." She tended to enjoy tormenting Noel, picking, and teasing with her twisted and sick humor.

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