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 Hargrave, Emmett, Magical Citizen
Emmett Hargrave
 Posted on: May 15 2018, 11:46 PM
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Emmett Hargrave

33 | magical citizen | adam huber

Basic Information
Emmett Michael Hargrave

August 1, 1895




10 1/4" - Cedar - Dragon Heartstring - Springy

Ilvermorny - Thunderbird - 1906-1913

Magical Citizen

Campaign Assistant / Non-Profit Organizer

Personal History
Emmett, the only child of Marissa and Scott Hargrave, had a pretty mixed up childhood. His aunt on his father's side told him early on that they only married because Marissa became pregnant, and it wasn't that hard to believe. Neither side of the family liked each other, and he constantly heard about the flaws of both of his parents. Perhaps it was just out of spite that he decided they were both fantastic. Perhaps he just didn't want to see the truth. Either way, he bounced between his parents, staying with Marissa while Scott was at work, and following his father around the yard as Scott tried to teach him how to play sports.

Scott was the absolute picture of the big-city lawyer, and Marissa the housewife. It wasn't until he made it to school, and came across a wider variety of people, that he realized they weren't these amazing people, and that his family members weren't just stirring the pot to make a point. Scott was pretentious and commandeering in ways Emmett realized he didn't like, and Marissa was simple-minded and able to do the same things all day every day without getting bored, which Emmett certainly didn't understand. It all came crashing down on him that first summer he came home, and he quickly became rebellious in his determination to be different. He wanted to be fun, and to do things he wanted, not that his parents wanted. He had no aims to be a lawyer like they wanted him to. Even at twelve, he knew that.

Second year, he tried to find things that interested him, rather than somebody else. Unfortunately, it made him selfish, and outside of his best friends, he didn't branch out like his house would have implied. He focused on classes, and got together a group of friends to secretly teach them soccer in a far corner of the grounds where they would have matches for fun when the older students were off at Wanderlust Weekends. One of those weekends, though, they were mid-game when a couple of the guys stopped and focused their attention towards the castle. It was then that Emmett noticed her for the first time. Serious and with rare but fascinating smiles. Predictably, she hated him. And he was only twelve, so he thought her irritating and stuck up. Which, to be fair, she absolutely was. So it didn't help that they were in the same house and he suddenly couldn't stop noticing her.

Luckily, he had the whole summer to be without her annoying presence. Jacqueline Stasey meant nothing to him. Nothing. So for his third year, he focused on really finding a direction for himself. He'd started to notice how some of his classmates had hand-me-down school things or would come back from breaks looking even more thrilled for the feast than the other students. Emmett had never had those problems, and maybe that was why it confused him so much. That gap between what he had and what they seemed to have concerned him. He had to wonder, as well, if they were happier with less than he was with everything. Or, as close to everything as he could imagine, anyway.

That year, he tried to be less self-centered. It was hard, though, when he was so set in his ways. But on the plus side, he made new friends to join their soccer games, and got to know more of the students from other houses. That also helped him improve his grades, as he found people to make him focus and study properly.

As his fourth year came around, Emmett started to finally understand what the older students were talking about when they said they were interested in someone. And damnit, why did it have to be her? A year ahead of him, a little scary sometimes, and utterly sure of herself, Jack was practically a force of nature at the school. He didn't realize she'd been paying attention to him since her third year. He didn't expect her to flirt back when his friend dared him to go for it before the end of that year. Jack usually flirted like it was a game more than anything serious, so he didn't take it particularly seriously, and her OWLs came around so it fell to the wayside.

That summer he had his first job, and tried not to think about the fact that he'd see her again when autumn came. Instead, he worked to prepare for classes so he would be ready in advance for the big exams at the end of his fifth year. Or, closer to ready anyway. So when he came back to school, planning to just focus and do what he needed to, he didn't expect to learn that Jack wasn't flirting with other people anymore. Just him. Of all people, he didn't understand it. Know-it-all that she was, Jack apparently decided he needed her help, and proceeded to try and correct his assignments, spell casting and so on - even though he realized very early on that she was more talk than action. She wasn't very good at magic, but she could talk her way into or out of anything.

Emmett obviously pretended otherwise, but her attention was addicting. Despite his assumption that being distracted by her would ruin his grades, he actually did better on his exams than he expected to, and found that her intense desire to be good at some sort of magic (even if it was just theory) had actually helped him. She also started bringing people along to watch their soccer games, and after a particularly tense game that he scored the winning goal for, she walked right up to him, completely nonchalant, and kissed him. He had always wanted that, but had somehow always assumed she would do it first. Maybe she'd just gotten tired of waiting. When he tried to get her to label what they were, Jack adamantly refused, and it bothered him but he didn't exactly cut her off.

In fact, they were not-exactly-together all the way through his sixth year, until she graduated. They were each other's first, and when the end of the year came, he started to realize they were either going to get together, or he would probably never see her again. He just wasn't sure which. Turns out, it was more the latter than the former. She cut off the physical side, but was actually friendly when she saw him afterwards.

He finished his NEWTs with higher marks than he'd ever expected, and while he knew he owed that in part to Jack, he was mostly just proud of himself. When the war started, he feared the draft, but he probably would've gone through with it if he hadn't run into Jack again. Her father had just been called off to the front, and suddenly she wanted him again? Emmett couldn't believe it. And he couldn't resist. Except then his name came up and he told her he, too, would be leaving. She all but vanished on him, and that betrayal, along with fear for his life, changed him. It took him back to that time when he was selfish, and more like his parents than anybody else. He confunded the doctor doing his physical for the war, and they marked him unfit for the military. Why was it his job to go fight in a war that had nothing to do with the Wizarding World? It didn't make sense. But a lot of things didn't. Why did his family try to tear his parents apart and turn him against them? Why did people who deserved nothing get everything? And vice versa?

He quickly turned even more cynical, and his actions afterwards were done mainly to benefit himself, though he found ways to feel like he was the good guy. He'd work at non-profits and organize things so a little extra would come in that he could skim off the top without anybody noticing. But he always found himself aware of stories in the paper that involved the Staseys. He nearly reached out when Abraham went to jail because of the murder, but when he saw that she'd won custody of her brother, he figured it wasn't the right time. Wasn't he allowed to wish for a second chance? She would probably have just burned him anyway. He realized that a few days later, wondering why he had even wanted to talk to her in the first place. So when he started seeing more and more frequent stories about the leading candidate for the next presidency - not to mention her boyfriend and then fiancé - he thought he could get involved in her campaign and get some of his pride back. If that meant tearing her down a peg, even better.

Trigger Details and Limits
I'm good with anything besides rape or drowning/suffocation, when it comes to writing something out. If it happens to a character, that's fine, but I'd rather not read or write it out.

avery | central | she/her

 Posted on: May 17 2018, 06:54 AM
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Welcome, Emmett Hargrave! You're approved and ready to start playing at Newt's New York! First you should hit up the Claims Forum, but where you go after that is entirely up to you!


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