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 Osbourne, Alexis, Magical Citizen
Alexis Osbourne
 Posted on: Sep 6 2017, 12:14 AM

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Dept. Head: Improper Use of Magic
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Alex Osbourne

31 | Magical Citizen | Jennifer Morrison

Basic Information
Imogen Elizabeth Graves (goes by Alexis Virginia Osbourne in the US)

March 13, 1896




10 1/4 - Ash - Dragon Heartstring - Stubborn

Hogwarts - Ravenclaw - 1907-1914

Magical Citizen

Head of the Improper Use of Magic Department, at the Ministry of Magic in London

Personal History
First off, some family history, shall we?

Gondulphus Graves was one of the first twelve aurors at MACUSA, which was founded after Ilvermorny, but happened before he had a number of children. According to family records, most of them were Thunderbirds - which likely contributed to their desire for adventure and challenges. Because of that nature, at least one of his children moved to Scotland, where they and their descendants lived on throughout the United Kingdom. Their residence there led to generations of Hogwarts students, on down to Imogen (an ancestor of one Merton Graves, cellist for the Weird Sisters).

Now let's take a look at Imogen, herself.

As a child, she didn't know much about her family. Just that there were a lot of them in England, and a few left in the United States. They would occasionally hear about new children ("We are pleased to announce the birth of our new son, Percival...") or weddings ("Dear Madeline and Kenneth, we know you're quite busy, but we would love to see you next summer to celebrate! Bring the kids!"). So she knew of them, if nothing else. But really she was just interested in the fact that she would get to experience Hogwarts before her younger sister Alice would. Both girls ended up as Ravenclaws, which was really no surprise with parents like theirs. Madeline taught at a Muggle university and Kenneth was involved with the Ministry's legal system and the Wizengamot. A lot to live up to, right?

Well, that was no problem for Imogen. She refused to settle, and was endlessly curious, allowing for a great deal of outside-of-school reading, and anything from apprenticeships to summer jobs. It wasn't until her seventh year that she realized what she wanted to use all of her knowledge on, however. Her poor little sister was being bullied, and one day it went too far. They permanently injured her, and Imogen made sure they were soundly reprimanded. And that they never forgot what they'd done. To this day, she goes out of her way every month or so to run into one of them and make them think about it again. (Okay, so maybe the hat wanted to put her in Slytherin and she said no.)

At any rate, it led her straight to the Improper Use of Magic Department at the Ministry, and Merlin did she find her calling there. Not only could she help children who had no idea what they were doing, but she could also protect Muggles. No matter what the fanatics and purebloods thought, she had a mother to prove just how fantastic people without magic could be. By the time she turned twenty seven - ten years after starting there as a trainee - she was finally promoted all the way up to the Department Head position. For three years, everything was work as usual. But then something changed.

Reports flooded in of a man acting strangely. With the strange attacks happening in New York, she had sent over a couple of people from her own department along with those from the Department of Mysteries. It was then that a shock drove its way through the Ministry. A man named Percival Graves looked shady, like he didn't quite agree with what the MACUSA president did or wanted. And they weren't allowed or able to interfere. But the name turned heads -- directly at Imogen. Everyone had both names on their lips for weeks, driving her further into her office. It destroyed her relationship with her then-boyfriend, and she made sure to warn her family within the wizarding world.

In December of 1926, they received a new report: Percival wasn't who they thought he was. It wasn't him at all. It was Gellert Grindelwald, who had taken her distant cousin's form and taken over his position as Director of Magical Security at MACUSA. Imogen had never felt so outraged, excluding what happened to Alice. She had been ostracized and judged and watched for months, only to find out that someone in her family may well have been killed for whatever Grindelwald and his followers were after. She simply refused to accept that there was nothing she could do.

For months, she underwent training with the Auror department and the Department of Mysteries, and selected someone to run the department in her absence, though not in title. She had every intention of coming back once she learned what she could and - hopefully - improved things in the States. So she took on an alias, and although no one in the U.S. or at MACUSA could probably recognize her, she lengthened her hair and changed her eye color to green instead of brown. Oddly, she kind of prefers this new look. But that's neither here nor there. Rather than the short, straight bob she'd always chosen, it's huge curls, flouncy dresses and layers, and a surprisingly convincing flirtatious glint in her eyes.

Her goal? To work her way into either the O'Brien gang family she's heard about, or for her to befriend a Grindelwald follower as her new persona: Alexis Osbourne, a pureblood from South Africa. That way she has an excuse for the accent if she alters it slightly - unfortunately, she had to sit through lessons for that, too, and hated it. And the Grindelwald followers may well believe that she, too, wants to break the Statute of Secrecy, because (as much as she hates to say the words aloud) she 'wants' purebloods to be in charge 'as they should be.' bleh.

Trigger Details and Limits
I generally don't mind if the post lengths don't match, but mine are usually at least 200 words. But that's just an average. It depends on the situation - for example, an action-based scene might not call for internal monologuing or whatever, so keeping it brief totally makes sense to me! My previous sites did not allow for a great deal of language or sexual content, so I am a master of the fade-to-black, but it isn't like I'm wholly opposed to anything more graphic. Just gonna admit up front that I'm probably kind of crappy at doing it. Hah. Also, my only serious trigger is drowning or suffocation. Nearly drowned as a child and I haven't really gotten over it. I can't watch movies that include those things (imagine my momentary horror for this lady during the film!) or even read particularly descriptive scenes. Doesn't mean people shouldn't do it, but know that I'll probably skip over those parts if I'm reading.

Avery | EST | SHE/HER

"To this day, she goes out of her way every month or so to run into one of them and make them think about it again. (Okay, so maybe the hat wanted to put her in Slytherin and she said no.)"

The sneaky sneak. [Show]
 Posted on: Sep 6 2017, 12:33 AM
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Welcome, Alex Osbourne! You're approved and ready to start playing at Newt's New York! First you should hit up the Claims Forum, but where you go after that is entirely up to you!


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