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 Posted on: Aug 2 2017, 06:12 PM
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Newt's New York
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Newt's New York is a 3-3-3 site, which means that all writers must be eighteen or older. Pretty much everything goes here, but it's important to mark threads with the appropriate warnings. Threads with sexual content should be marked [M] (mature) and potentially triggering threads should be marked [TW] (trigger warning).

In case the content becomes too intense, admins reserve the right to create a private and/or password-protected forum and move some threads there.

Face Claims

Because there are some characters who are still school-age, that means there will be both characters and face claims who are under the age of eighteen. That's all right, but any sexual content involving underage characters and/or face claims must fade to black. You are welcome to imply all sorts of triggery things and make them canon for your characters, but if they involve smut with underage characters or faces, those details cannot be roleplayed onsite.

Face claims must be real people above the age of thirteen who are not deceased and who are publicly well-known enough to be easily Googled.

Common Triggers

Put a [TW] after the thread title and a more specific warning at the top of the first post.

- Abuse (all kinds against adults)
- Child Abuse (all kinds)
- Cruelty to Animals
- Rape/Sexual Assault
- Self-injurious Behavior
- Suicide
- Drug Use
- Gore/Graphic Violence

Of course, it's always good practice to communicate with other writers regarding what will and will not work. Communication and consent go a long way toward making the RP experience fun for all!


There is no specific limit on the number of characters you can create, but you'll be expected to keep up with them when they are actively involved in plots. Your accounts will be set to inactive status after thirty days if you, as an individual writer, do not make any IC posts or put up a hiatus notice. (This does not mean an IC post as each character, just some to show that you, the writer, are still around.) Inactive status is easily reversible and accounts will not be deleted. Characters you aren't feeling can be killed off, which is always fun. If you simply want them inactivated, post a request in the Moderation forum.


We do not have a required word count here at Newt's New York, but it is commonly considered good practice to provide a similar level of detail to your fellow writer. It is rude to reply to a descriptive four-paragraph post with a one-liner.

Write in the third-person past tense, and keep in mind that:
1. You are only in control of your own characters.
2. Your characters are not invulnerable.
3. IC actions will have IC consequences.

Templates and Formatting

We have provided one simple template that, most importantly, has a readably large font size. Please either use the provided template or no template at all. As Liz continues figuring out how to do this crazy coding thing, more templates might appear.

Please do not put any images in your signature. Use your signature to display information that might be helpful to other players, such as your character's blood status, whether or not your character is semi-famous, obvious distinguishing physical features, etc.

The first account you create should be an OOC account. All character accounts can then be linked and people will get less confused regarding who's who.

General Respect

IC drama is wonderful, but OOC drama is for children. Behave respectfully toward your fellow writers. We will follow a three-strike policy regarding how many times you can break the rules before being banned. Harassment includes but is not limited to:

- Nagging people for posts
- Bragging about how caught up you are in the CBox or Discord
- Confronting another writer about a problem in a public forum rather than in a private message
- Spamming advertisements where they do not belong (anywhere other than the ad forum)

This Document is Fluid

Admins reserve the right to add to and/or modify this document if situations arise that require such action. Changes will be announced clearly to all of the writers.

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